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Hi and welcome to my addon forum :) Here you can find all news and every new version of my addons and mods. Also, if you have any questions, ideas or bugs, you're free to post it here :) This forum guaranteed to be allways actuell and have allways each new version of my addons and mods before any other page has them ;) Also, I will take a look into the forum at least one time each day, and will do my best to answer to every post :)


Hi und willkommen in meinem Addon Forum :) Hier findest du alle Neuigkeiten und jede neue Version meiner Addons und Mods. Auch fragen, Ideen oder Bugs kannst du hier offen posten :) Das Forum ist garantiert immer aktuell und hat stets die neusten Version als erstes ;) Außerdem schau ich mindestens einmal am Tag in das Forum und werde mein besten versuchen, auf jeden Post zu antworten :)

Newest versions:

Please notice: All projects here are temporarely frozen, because of two important projects(one of them should be released this summer)

Please Notice

(At first, excuse me for my english, I'm from german and I was never very good in other languages xD Also, please excuse the...more emotional... writing style of this text, at the end I only try to thank you for visit my forum and so on, and try to explain/predict the releases of some projects)

Because of my work at my new project "Guardians - Last Hour" for Skyrim, and because of school, I have hardly any time to work at my addons for Runes of Magic. I will still try to update them as fast as possible, so I hope to get an update for GroupInvite in the next zwo months(well, I will try to get it in this month, but it don't seems that this would be possible...), but I can't predict when I will be possible to update ExtraActionBars. Also, there's a chance that I will stop my work at my Runes of Magic addons (for a while) to concentrate me on my other projects and on school. At least I love my addons, and I'm sure some of you love them, too - you would not read this if you don't at least like the addons, would you? - but I don't play Runes of Magic for a while now, and I don't plan to start with it again in next time, so I update my addons but don't using them by myself. This is something I never wanted, as I started to program GroupInvite, I did this only for me. Of course I uploaded my work, because I was proud of it, but I have never expected that much people would like it, too.

My thought of working was and will be for ever: "I do this work for me. If anyone else want to use my work, I won't stop him, but at least I should have fun using it". That's the reason why my work at my addons get slower from time to time(and, of course, because the addons becomes more complex...), and that's the reason why I want to "level up" my works. If anything will be like I hope - and I'm positiv that this happens - a few years later you will be able to download whole games from this forum. To prepare myself for developping a whole game(well, I think there will be some years went past before I can do this xD), I started the project for Skyrim and work at this moment on it's story. As well as this project is very very big, I won't give up untill this project releases like I want it to release: As something which is more like a game I want to have than some of the games, which I have, are. As I said before, I do this work for me, because I think if not even the programmer love his work, who else would like it? So, I won't be sad if you don't like it or something like that, but you have to accept, that I'm actually more interested in the work of this project than in my addons, because I don't use my addons anymore(Well, of course I would if I would still play Runes of Magic :P )


In the end, I want to thank you. Thank you for using my work, thank you for visiting my forum, tank you for giving my this community. OK, it's not a huge community, or a very active community, or something like that, but it is more than I had before starting my work at GroupInvite, and that's why I want to thank you. And, even if it's maybe a little bit late, I whish you a happy new year :) 




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