#1 Spanish translation volunteer? by Idontusepants 06.01.2012 02:50

I can translate it, if you are agree

#2 RE: Spanish translation volunteer? by Bizzarrus 06.01.2012 14:48


it would be great
But i recommend you to wait until v2.3 release, because there will be the most strings changed. I think i will need at least one week for the first beta of this version, maybe two weeks (or longer if some buggs can't be fixed in this time), so it would maybe make sense to wait a little bit but if you want, you can of course translate the actuel version, too at least the spain people in this forum would use it ^^

#3 RE: Spanish translation volunteer? by MagoRojo 20.02.2015 22:37


I am translating the interface for my Spanish/German forum: http://lengua.xobor.de

Has anyone translated some of the strings? It would be great to share the efforts.


#4 RE: Spanish translation volunteer? by Bizzarrus 20.02.2015 23:26


I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're in the wrong forum :/
This forum, as well as this thread, is about my projects, especially an addon called "GroupInvite" for the game "Runes of Magic" (and, by the way, this is also currently a very inactive forume, as I've stoped working on that addon some years ago to work on a much bigger project). Of course, this does not mean that you can't find someone here to help you, but I wouldn't come from this. (By the way, is "come from" here the right phrase? English is not my mother tongue and I've never used that phrase before, so please correct me if an other phrase would be better )

Sorry that I can't help you.

#5 RE: Spanish translation volunteer? by MagoRojo 21.02.2015 18:08

Danke für die Antwort. Ehrlich gesagt, hatte ich das Thema des Forums nicht genau bemerkt. Übrigens, ich verstehe nicht "I wouldn't come from this". Vielleicht meintest du "I wouldn't count on this"?

Nevertheless in case anyone reading this is interested in the translation of the xobor.de interface from English or German to Spanish, please send me a private message. I've already translated some of the messages and it would be easy to merge the translations.

#6 RE: Spanish translation volunteer? by Bizzarrus 23.02.2015 13:07


Kein Problem^^ Das "I wouldn't come from this" sollte "ich würde nicht davon ausgehen" heißen ("I wouldn't count on this" heißt ja "ich würde nicht darauf zählen"^^) und laut dict.leo heißt "von etw. ausgehen" "come from sth"^^

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