#1 [ACTUEL VERSION] Version v3.00 and BETAs/Fix versions by Bizzarrus 27.07.2011 15:57


I'm very very sorry, but it seems that I can't work currently on the adddon, as I'm working on an much bigger project. As soon as this will release(planned at summer 2014), I will work on ExtraActionBars again, but until then the work here is frozen. Sorry again :( (I will of course still do my best to give best support to the addon)

So,here is the new version of ExtraActionBars(v3.00). If you want to help to translate the addon, click here
(Download on curse.com: click)

Because of school and my work at the "The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim" project, my work at my Runes of Magic addons is temporary frozen



  • Add skills of the skill suit(=set skills)
  • Add emotions
  • Try to add itemshop-bag, arcan transducer and pet-bag
  • If actionbars are locked, you can press shift to drag items
  • You can also items drag in the actionbar, if it's locked
  • Show fields also if you choosed HideEmpty and have a item at the mouse
  • Add glow function for buff-foot and other items
  • Fix /cast command for normal macros(patch 4.0.3 deleated this command, i will add it again )
  • Add AutoAnchor system

  • Fix problem: If you don't hit a actionbar, the actionbar next to the mouse won't be clickable anymore
  • Try to fix problem that false macros were chosen
  • Fix error message at tootltips at items, which aren't in your bag anymore
  • Try to fix the problem, that the addon need a lot of RAM
  • Change the black "X" to the gray symbol of the item
  • Fix the "Item throw away" effect if you drag an item out of the actionbars
  • Fix problem to use the extra bars (which you normaly use with ALT+1, ALT+2, etc)
  • Try to fix problem that the addon need so much FPS
  • Fix problem what you can't use the mouse on places where a hidden actionbar is

    because there were some bugs where i thought it was important to fix them, here is the changelog of the v3.01 fix version:
  • Fixed hotkeys
  • Fixed Set skills
  • Try to fix kompatiboility with GroupInvite v2.2

    to fix the problems which were caused by v3.01, here is a new fix version(v3.02):
  • Fixed set skills(again)
  • Fixed texts
  • fixed moving(right side)

  • Add option to activate/deactivate the cooldown showing

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