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Good day everyone,
It's a long time since I've posted here last. The reason for this is that I worked (and be still working) on my first stand-alone project. This project, which is currently still nameless, will be a compleat point-and-click adventure game, just like the old Monkey Island games or some games of Daedalic Entertainment (maybe not as qualitative as their, because I'm working nearly alone...). The game is based on a self-programmed game-engine called "Cloak Engine 1.0", which is currently created in java and can only handle 2D-games at the moment. The game is still far away from a release (by the way, this project will be my first one, which won't be free anymore. However, there will be a free demo including the first of 11 chapters of the game), but at least the cloak-engine works now pretty good. Some smaller functions are still untested and I'm thinking of how to save sound- and cutsceen-data as well as single images, but in the main the engine works very well.
At the moment, the cloak-engine uses 5 own file formats to handle special informations, some more complex than others:

  • SVS: Means "Saved Settings" and includes the last saved settings of the game
  • SVG: Means "Saved Game" and includes a savegame as well as some meta-data
  • CAF: Means "Cloak Animation File". This is a resource file with images and informations of an animation
  • CLF: Means "Cloak Language File". This is a resource file with specific informations depending on the used language
  • CMF: Means "Cloak Map File". This is a resource file with data of mouse handling for some objects

Of course I don't want to tell you the whole story before you've played the game, but here is at least a small summery of the games story:
In a greate and nice kingdom, the marry of the kingdoms pricess with an prince of the nighbore kingdom is planed. Unfortunately, neither the princess has ever seen the prince before, nor vise versa, which leads the prince to the thought, that the princess may won't like him because he has never done something heoric. So he leaves the city to kill a dragon, just some days he would be married. A friend of the price knows about his idea, and as soon as the price doesn't return, he tells the princess this plan, and a huge adventure will start.

The game is created with the thought in mind that it should be unpossible to write a walkthrough. To do this, you'll have to decide at every corner, and every decission, every way of how to compleat a puzzle, and sometimes even contingency will affect the whole story and future puzzels and quests of the game. Yes, you've read right, there will be quests in the game, both main and side quests. You decide, which of them you compleat and how you compleat them, but carefully: you can't do everything!
As a second feature, you'll be able to give names to the played characters, and this names will be used by the people around you, both in text and speech.

When the game will be released is not clear yet, as it depends on how much time I will have, but I plan to release the first version of the free demo within the next 6 or 7 months.

Last but not least - just to give you some idea of how the graphics will look like - here is a pre-alpha, still unready version of the background image at the main menu. The top and the background of the image are still missing, as I focused more on program the engine than on drawing the image. Also, this is only a smaller version of the image, due to the file size I didn't want to upload it with full resolution. You're free to use the image uncommercial, as long as you don't change it and allways refer to the original author of the image. Any commercial use of the image is only allowed with an official license of the original author of the image!

(Click on the image to see it at fullscreen)
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