#1 City Names - your choice is wanted by Bizzarrus 06.04.2013 00:36


Hi there
As the work of the project is going on, we will start to create the map soon. But actually, the names of the special places in the world have just systematic names, no "real" names. So - as we want to include you - youre asked. If you have any ideas for the names of the following places, you're able to post them as long as this is not closed. The best names will maybe included into the game. For the main places, we have:

  • 11 citys, 4 from the elves, 1 of the dwarfs, the rest is from the humans, including a king-city, a city of the magic guild and a city with a huge, magical library
  • 8 Villages, where just one is from the elves, and one is (from the humans) in the desert
  • 7 camps of thiefs, jokers and people like them, who can't or don't want to live in the cities or villages
  • Some special places like 2 lakes, an magic tree of fire, and so on

Every idea is welcome, just try We're counting on you

At the end, please notice that the games is about an fantasy world, just like Skyrim itself, so the names should maybe also be fantasyful


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