#1 [PREVIEW] Version 2.4 by Bizzarrus 22.03.2013 18:44


The new version of GroupInvite is not ready yet, but it is in work So here are some new changes, which are already done and work fine: (As allways, the full changelog will be available as soon as the version will be released)


  • Raid Assists can use the AutoInvite functions as well (except some special functions)
  • A new part in the system allows pages to communicate (compleatly invisible) with other GroupInvite users. It is possible to (de-)activate this function, in the default setting it is deactivated
  • Guild Leaders which uses GroupInvite can decline, who has the right to use the guild-advertisment, guild-message and guild-auto-invite functions. The guild members don't have the right to use this functions until:
    • They have activated the communication to other GroupInvite users and...
    • ...get the right to use the functions from the guild-leader or...
    • ...it's impossible to communicate with the guild-leader(for example because he don't use GroupInvite or the communicate-function), although the guild-leader is online
    As soon as the guild-member gets the right to use a function, he keep hold of this right until:
    • The guild-leader changes or...
    • The guild-member disable the communcation to other GroupInvite users (in this case, he will get the right back as soon as he activates the communication system again)
    • The guild-leader ban the guild-member from useing this function (the guild-leader is only able to change the rights of guild-members, which are online and use the communication system)
  • Added system to change the layout of GroupInvite, manually or with already declined layouts(saved in .gil (=GroupInviteLayout)-files)

  • With the rewrite of the sort-function of lists, sorted lists work faster than before. (even huge lists with more than 200 items work now with the same speed as lists with less then 10)
  • Added a wait-list-function to the color-picker, which allows you to click on more than one color in the color page to change it without changing the color before(the option to change the next color will then appear as soon as you changed the color before)
  • The possitions of tooltips(if they touch the screen-border) is now better calculated, so the tooltips are in all cases compleatly visible

More changes will follow, as I said before, this is only the list of already-done changes, there is still much work


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